Sold per roll (1 roll = 50 yards)

  • 3 " Wide
  • 7-Mil Removable
  • Enclosed Lens
  • Retroreflective -
  • Engineer Grade Films feature flexibility & versatility with slideable, pressure-activated adhesive.
  • Colors Available: orange, white
  • Durable Commercial Vehicle Reflective Film
  • Daytime & Nighttime Appearance

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    Durable, long-term film for use on commercial vehicles, signs, railcars, and bus graphics. Stripen vertical, flat, curved or corrugated surfaces with or without rivets.

    Quick Reference3M 680CR Reflective
    Thickness7-8 mils
    Adhesive TypePressure- activated, positionable
    Adhesive ColorClear, with silver underneath
    LinerPolyethylene- coated paper
    RemovalEasy removal with heat
    Lifespan5-7 years
    Temperature Range-30 to 200 F
    Surface TypesModerate curves and rivets
    ApplicationsCommercial vehicle graphics, commercial signage