Parker Fast-Stor DURA-flex insulated hydraulic tool hose assembly
  • Parker Fast-Stor DURA-flex insulated hydraulic tool hose assembly
  • Fast-Stor Dura-flex Hose in use
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    Parker Hannifin’s Fast-Stor® Dura-Flex™ is a new twin-lined non-conductive hydraulic hose that offers extreme flexibility due to a coiled design, even in cold temperatures. The coiled design is self-retracting, which aids in ease of handling and storage.

    Unlike competitive rubber hoses that are susceptible to ozone degradation, cracking, abrasion, and moisture ingression; Dura-Flex™ has a UV and ozone-resistant jacket that prevents such problems. This thermoplastic hose is 28% lighter than competing rubber hose assemblies. Dura-Flex™ exceeds SAE J517 for less than 50 micro-amps leakage at 75,000 volts per foot. Dura- Flex™ hose maintains electrical nonconductivity, keeping the operator safe from electric shock. Some competitive rubber hoses do not meet SAE standards, yet claim to meet their own specification of 100 micro-amps leakage or less. These products cannot maintain compliance to industry standards for electrical non-conductivity after exposure to field use.

    Product Features:

    • Fast-Stor® Dura-Flex™ is 28% lighter than competitive rubber products, reducing operator fatigue

    • Coiled design significantly increases flexibility even in cold temperatures

    • Twin-line bonded construction eliminates the need for tie-wraps, thus increasing handling safety

    • Slippery, high abrasion resistant jacket resists cracking, UV damage, and extends service life

    • Variety of end connections that reduce twisting strain on the hose and operator

    • Smooth, non-porous jacket repels contamination and debris that can lead to a decrease in electrical insulation

    • Bend restrictors allow hose to bend freely while reducing kink potential

    • Self-retracting design makes for easier handling and storage

    Parker has the only tool hose for insulated work applications that consistently meets or exceeds SAE J517 requirement for less than 50 micro-amps leakage. Fast-Stor® Dura-Flex™ is not just flexible, it offers durability you can rely upon.

    **** Hose does not include hydraulic couplers****