Stanley Hydraulic 1" Sq Drive Impact Drill
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    The Stanley IW16 Impact Wrench produces up to 2500 foot pounds (3400 Nm) of impact torque. The IW16 is used for nut, bolt and anchor bolt driving and other medium to heavy duty applications. Stanley IW16 features are:

    • 7-12 gpm (26-45 lpm) operating range.

    • Adjustable impact intensity.
    • Lever-type forward/reverse spool.
    • Integral HYREVZ™ gear-type motor.
    • Large "D" handle for gloved operation.
    • Swing hammer mechanism.
    • Assist handle.

    The Stanley IW16 Impact Wrench is available with a sturdy add-on handle mechanism for track bolt installation and removal. With the handle mechanism installed, track bolt work can be done in a comfortable, full-upright position, increasing operator comfort and reducing the risk of back injury.

    Ease of Use. Set the direction of rotation to either tighten or loosen a fastener, press on the toe plate of the handle mechanism to engage the fastener, then squeeze the trigger for up to 2500 ft-lbs (3400 Nm) of torque.

    Removable Handle Mechanism easily converts the IW16 for use as a standard impact wrench.
    Adjustable Impact Intensity of the IW16 makes it ideal for a wide range of uses.

    Rugged Swing-Hammer impact mechanism provides easy servicing for reduced maintenance costs
    and greatly reduces the transmission of torque to the operator reducing fatigue through repetitive tool operation.

    Large ā€œDā€ Handle and Feathering On/Off Valve allow the operator to control the amount of energy to the tool, providing more control and ease of handling.

    Standard Reversing Valve provides instant changeover from forward to reverse, increasing operator

     Input Flow Range:  7-12 gpm
    Input Pressure:  1500-2000 psi
    Capacity: 1" Square Drive
    Torque Range:  500-2500 ft-lb
    Weight (with handle):  45.5lbs
    Length: 17.5"
    Width:  4.5"
    Height (with Handle):  28"
    Handle Width:  9"
    Porting: 8 SAE O-Ring
    Connector:  HTMA Flush Faced Coupler


    Stanley Hydraulic Tools and their associated parts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase. Stanley Hydraulic Tools reserves the right to repair or replace only those parts which prove to have been defective at the time of purchase. This warranty becomes void if maximum flow and pressure ratings are exceeded.