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  • Improve Equipment Performance
  • Improve Dielectric Strength
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Better Viscosity Index
  • Reduce Fines Reduce Clean-up Costs
  • Compatible with Petroleum
  • If an accidental spill occurs, READILY Biodegradable Evergreen hydraulic fluids break down over 90% in just 28 days...with no special clean up procedures.
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    Lubricant contamination from leakage, spills or broken hoses and fittings are a fact of life. The disastrous after-effects need not be. Non-toxic and readily biodegradable, Evergreen 22 Hydraulic Fluids can be used as direct replacements for petroleum-based fluids. These unique fluids not only improve equipment performance but break down rapidly in the environment, avoiding costly clean-ups and fines. Best suited for applications between -30°F to 220°F. ISO Viscosity Grade 22.
    ISO Viscosity Grade:  22
    Viscosity, centistokes @ 100ºC:  5.0
    Viscosity, centistokes @ 40ºC:  22.0
    Viscosity Index:  >180
    Pour Point, ºC: -36
    Flash Point, ºF: >190
    Specific Gravity, 60ºF: 0.86
    Density, lb/gal, 15.6ºC (60ºF): 7.16

    Biodegradability, Modified Sturm OECD 301B:  >61%

    Aquatic Toxicity
    Fathead Minnow LC50 ppm,  96 h:  >10,000
    Daphnia magna, EC50 ppm, 48 h: >10,000
    Sludge respiration inhibition, EC50, ppm: >10,000
    Algae EC50, ppm:  >5,000