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Sight Level Plug versalift level plug, gauge, pedestal, replacement, lsp151-5, LSP 151-5, 58017-1, sight, level, plug, hydraulic, hydrolic, fluid, level, tank, hydraulic tank
Item#: 58017-1
Price: $45.72
Availability: In Stock

    Versalift Sight Level Plug.  View the hydraulic fluid tank level.

    Slide Pad - Wear Block  adjust, adjustable, slide, outer, boom, wear, pad, pads,
    Item#: 11720-1
    Price: $7.92
    Availability: In Stock

      Versalift Wear Block, Slide Pad. Measures 1 cm thick. High quality polyethylene block. Used in TEL and VANTEL non-insulated units.

      Switch 3 Position Start/Stop push, pull, start, stop, red, button, knob, left, control, panel,
      Item#: 60022-11
      Price: $316.15
      Availability: In Stock

        START STOP FOR UPPER CONTROL TEL & VANTEL UNITS. "NEW STYLE" switch direct replacement for old GE style switch

        Toogle Switch
        Item#: 60002-7
        Price: $150.13
        Availability: In Stock

          Toggle Switch Single Pole double throw Momentary 1NT1-7Commonly used for control boom function toggle

          Valve - 3 Way - Replacement Solenoid Valve EMDV12N3C12TA12DL, 170216, diverter, hydrolic, hydrolics, hydraulic, time, manufacturing, 3-way, three, replace, replacement, solenoid
          Item#: 54073-1
          Price: $562.92
          Availability: In Stock
          Bucher Hydraulics

            3 Way Valve - Replacement Solenoid Valve - manufactured by Bucher Hydraulics. Electrically switches the flow of fluid from one function to another. Electric over hydraulic diverter valve. Item # EMDV-12-N-3C-12TA-12DL and/or 54073-1

            Versalift Bucket Door Assembly
            Item#: SA-83/SA-1530-1
            Price: $1,060.82
            Availability: In Stock

              This is a left hand hinged door for walk thru style Versalift platform buckets.

              Versalift Bucket Door Assembly
              Item#: SA-92
              Price: $1,103.94
              Availability: In Stock

                This is a left hand hinged door for a duc-under style Versalift platform bucket.

                Versalift Fliter Element
                Item#: 58071-2
                Price: $50.50
                Availability: In Stock

                  Replacement filter Element for SST37/40. Keep your unit in tip top shape with a brand new filter. Fits in housing 58071-1

                  Versalift Filter Housing Assembly filter, house, housing, assembly,
                  Item#: 58071-1
                  Price: $277.79
                  Availability: Back Order

                    Filter Housing Assembly - includes the filter, breather and the housing. Looking to replace just the filter - see item 58071-2.

                    Wear Pad (Slide Pad) - Inner Boom adjust, adjustable, slide, outer, inner, boom, wear, pad, pads, top, bottom
                    Item#: 10496-1
                    Price: $24.66
                    Availability: In Stock

                      Inner Boom Wear Pad (Slide Pad). Fits most Model Tel - Vantel - SST Model Units Replace both pads at the same time or just the top or bottom.

                      Safely Operate on Slopes
                      Item#: 76C-2.5-10
                      Retail: $44.41
                      Price: $18.00
                      Availability: In Stock