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High Profile Amber Dome Strobe Light
Item#: SY22020H-A-VLE
Retail: $79.95
Price: $59.95
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Superior Signals Inc.

    Meteorlite® 2000 series strobe lights are multi-voltage and availablein double or quad flash. Lens options include high and low profile product. Applications for this product line ranges from light industrial to heavy construction equipment.FEATURES:• Polycarbonate lens• Aluminum base and mount• Permanent mount• Diode protected

    Die Cast Metal International® DuraStar® Utility Bucket Truck Diecast truck, die cast toy, die cast bucket truck, versalift truck, versalift toy truck
    Item#: 10-3901
    Price: $79.95
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      --NEW ITEM - LIMITED STOCK - LIMITED TIME OFFER-- This Aerial Bucket Truck replica is a 1:34 scale. Showcase the opened hood, engine detail, adjustable boom and included safety cones. Warning: This is not a toy. It contains small parts, not intended for children.

      Bucket Truck Tool Tray
      Item#: TT01
      Retail: $132.00
      Price: $99.00
      Availability: Out of Stock

        Polyethylene aerial tool tray.  Very durable and resists damage from accidental bumping or dropping.  Measures 19L x 8W x 8D.  Backside stop can easily be trimmed to fit your platform and liner.  Repositionable and hooks over the edge of your aerial lift bucket or similar edge surface.

        Harness & Lanyard Kit  fall, protection, ansi, osha, approved, bag, all in 1, all-in-one, fully adjustable design, pull-free lanyard rings, lightweight, durable polyester webbing, comfort, dependable, back D-ring, Sub-pelvic strap, mating buckle leg strap, chest and shoulder straps, universal, maximum, working capacity rated
        Item#: C-201A-16-NB-OR
        Price: $64.95
        Availability: In Stock

          This light weight, nylon webbing harness contains heavy duty leg/chest straps. Lanyard Latch ring.Size: M - 2XL (Universal). Plated hardware for corrosion resistance.Forged hardware parts.1 adjustable back D-ring for fall protection and restraint purpose.Insertion buckle at chest and legs.Attached 6' lanyard with internal shock pack.

          Flip Down Cone Holder Cone holder, Bucket truck  accesories, Safety Cone, Safety tools,
          Item#: D-12097
          Retail: $126.00
          Price: $113.00
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            Flip Down Cone Holder - Stainless Steel No Rust. Flips out of the way when not in use. Can be mounted almost anywhere for easy access. Holds approximately 6-8 cones.

            Emergency Triangle Kit
            Item#: 1005
            Price: $17.95
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              Kit of three triangles in high-density plastic case.Meets or exceeds all applicable DOT standard FMVSS 125 and all state and legal requirements.Set-up requires no tools.Precision reflex tooling provides reflectors with high candle power beam for night use. Fluorescent inner triangle warns daytime traffic.Self-contained unit needs no power source.No skid rubber feet keep the triangle in place in high wind.Placement instructions permanently printed on case and triangle.Size: 18.75" long x 5"...

              First Aid Kit
              Item#: 6810
              Price: $19.95
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                FIRST AID KIT - 10 Person Kit - Includes 63 Pieces OSHA bulk first aid kit comes in a sturdy plastic case with a gasket that is water resistant and has a handle for easy carrying. Can also be wall mounted. Economical for any industry, business, contractor, fleet vehicle and/or on the road worker.

                Versalift East Online Store Gift Certificate - $50 Gift Certificate, Versalift East Gift Card, Gift Card
                Item#: GC50
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                Versalift East Online Store Gift Certificate - $100 Gift Certificate, Versalift East Gift Card, Gift Card
                Item#: GC100
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                BUCKET COVER - 1 MAN BUCKET - VINYL/HEAVY DUTY bucket cover, bucket covers, vinyl cover, platform cover, bucket truck cover, versalift bucket cover, aftermarket bucket cover, Altec Bucket Cover, terex cover, telelect bucket cover, hi ranger cover, boom cover, boom, vinyl cover, vinyl, aerial bucket, aerial bucket covers
                Item#: 1MANUNI18
                Retail: $70.00
                Price: $65.00
                Availability: In Stock

                  Black Vinyl 18 oz. Cover with rope and dog clip.  A must have aerial bucket truck accessory.  Bucket Covers prevent damage by keeping weather elements out.